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Royal Blood Return with New Song ‘Where are you now?’

Royal Blood Return with New Song ‘Where are you now?’

The most iconic band Royal Blood have exposed their innovative album that is set to be released after the release of debut album in 2014. Royal Blood is an English rock band who have launched their songs in 2013 and the sound of this rock band is more evocative which is rooted in hard rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock, and blues rock.

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The band has composed a large number of new songs since the dawn of time and designed a lineup of their live concerts to amuse the audiences. ‘Where Are You Now?’ is one of the penetrate songs from the Vinyl soundtrack that is written by Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher chiefly for the live show. Vinyl is one of the music industry dramas of HBO that is being executive produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger.

Mike Kerr told Noisey, “Hearing [Vinyl character] Richie Finestra talk about the first time you heard a song that made your hairs on the back of your neck stand up or made you wanna dance or kick someone’s arse. I just wanted to write a song that gave me that sort of buzz,” Kerr added, “We did a lot of touring and now we’re done.”

The Royal band is also set up for producing ‘Hook, Line And Sinker’ at Reading Festival 2015.

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