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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Little Known Facts

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Little Known Facts

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the legend of Pakistan who has started his career as a singer from 1985. He is also well known for playing a Harmonium. He is considered as one of the most popular singers of this era especially in the sub-continental areas and achieved a number of awards as well. The Pakistani-based singer has sung many Indian movie songs for the Bollywood industry.

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As Pakistani-based singer, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan produced many songs in India and has sung many songs for them. Owing to his most enchanting voice, he started singing Qawwalis as well with the inspiration of his uncle Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Now he is working for Indian cinema and due to his best songs, most of the films got popularity.

In an interview, Rahat stated, “in Pakistan there is a lot of talent, most of singer have different and unique voice who can also command in classical music and easily to sing all those song which is difficult to sing for the other singer but we talent are deprived from the better plate form. All those people who relate from the Bollywood industry, they always appreciate the new talent, and give him/her to different plate form”

He believes that music is the only source that can bring close together the both rival countries, India and Pakistan. He never feels hesitate in visiting India rather he believes that he will continue to visit India off and on. “Music has no boundaries. Music and sports can play a strong role in strengthening bilateral ties. And they have already done it. These things matter a lot, so they should be given more importance,” while giving stress on his argument he added, “The musical and cultural relations may not be appreciated by certain people, so they are trying to put chains. But it's a bad thing. It's not right.”

He was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate and questioned by them for an alleged forex violation case. He remained undeterred and said that “There was the issue in 2011. The Enforcement Directorate called us again for some pending queries. We tried our best to fulfill them. Thanks to god, they were satisfied. Now there are no issues. I will keep visiting India like before.”

Recently, he was expected to visit here from Abu Dhabi to participate in a programme for celebrating a new year night. But due to genuine error of the airlines he sent back on Etihad Airways. He said, “'Jo hua woh hua' (whatever happened, happened) and we have to look ahead. It was a genuine error of Etihad Airways and one would expect that an airline of that stature would have known about the entitlements of a Pakistani national before issuing my ticket and then allowing me to board.”

He further shared, “It was an important event as the wonderful audience of Hyderabad who I performed to were amazing listeners and if for any reason I could not have performed then it would have been really bad. It took me 29 hours to complete the journey but eventually it all went well.”

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