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‘Fitoor’ Trailer Is Just Stunning

‘Fitoor’ Trailer Is Just Stunning

‘Fitoor’ is one of the most anticipated movies of the Indian cinema. The trailer of the movie is much impressive and enticed the hearts of the audience. The film stars Katrina Kaif, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Tabu in the leading characters.

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Fitoor is Abhishek Kapoor’s upcoming romantic film. His ‘quest of love’ has also received the thumbs up from the critics and the audience as well. In this film, Tabu is playing as a mother of Katrina Kaif. Both stars have appeared for the first in this film together. Tabu admits while saying that “I must say that Katrina is the most hardworking actress I've ever met, I've ever seen and worked with. We had only three days of shooting but the involvement with which she worked was amazing.”

When Katrina was asked about the experience with Tabu, she replied; “The hardest thing in this film was pretending that Tabu is my mother; she does not look like my mother from any angle, she is like a friend. I enjoyed the days we spent together in the film. She is one of the warmest people and who is so down to earth. She is a phenomenal actress so, whenever you are in front of her, you should remember you should not get lost in her performance but, to contribute to it. We have been fortunate she was gracious enough to step in.”

While talking about her own role in the film, Katrina said, “For me the most important thing was to try and understand this girl's (her character) mind... she has always been a complicated character is she manipulative, is she like that? .. for whatever reasons ...we spent a lot of time discussing trying to give a life our interpretation to this character.”

When Katrina was telling about her Fitoor role, Abhishek interfered by saying that, “"She is just passionate about work. If you see her on the sets, you see that she has the maximum 'fitoor'. The manner in which she works and the dedication with which she listens and works, shows she has a afitoor' for work," he added, "On sets, she was always open-minded and she was always willing to push the envelope as far the performance was concerned and personally I'm very happy with the work that she has done in the film.”

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