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Top Celebrities’ Quotes of 2015

Top Celebrities’ Quotes of 2015

Bollywood is a facet where all the genres of movies have been made by the veteran directors as well as superstars. These celebrities become famous not just because of their blockbuster movies but also for their participation in the movies. After getting much popularity, the Bollywood superstars become headlines for their memorable and multifaceted quotes. Here we have accumulated some quotes from these superstars.

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The Bollywood superstars are known for their juicy as well as spicy statements. Before the end of this year, we would like to compile all the great quotes from the great celebrities.

Shah Rukh Khan – Certainly, it is SRK’s wit that is unbeatable. While talking with The Indian Express, the question was put before him as what if he would be offered to play a role of Walter White from the Breaking Bad, SRK replied, “Great movies don’t work without me darling.”

Amitabh Bachchan – Considering that Piku was a great movie of both stars Amitabh and Deepika Padukone but it had left a cold war between two of them. The issue was created by the rising star Deepika Padukone who had not invited the most legend actor Amitabh Bachchan for her success party. The veteran actor Amitabh also admitted that she did not invite him but later she was apologized him for her gaffe and Amitabh showed his seniority by saying that, “Jo beet gayi, so baat gayi.”

Salman Khan – The veteran actor Salman Khan, during the launching ceremony of his TV show Bigg Boss 9, was asked by the media person about his plans to invite the beauty queen Aishwarya to promote her comeback film, Jazbaa. Salman Khan brilliantly replied on this as “Kya Jazbaati sawaal poocha hai aapne.” He then start crooning ‘aate jaate jo milta hai tumsa lagta hai.’

He further told us about himself that how much verdicts he had and his parents’ condition. “I am worried about what is going to happen to my verdict now…..The beauty of my job is no matter how well I do it there is always this talk that I am insensitive. People say he is dancing with Jacqueline, romancing with Sonam, going to Poland while he has hunting and accident case on him and yet he is enjoying. His film has earned Rs 600 crores. They don’t even know how much of it comes to me. All these things go totally against me and all my good work when it comes to people responsible for signing that verdict,” Salman has stated.

Aamir Khan – At the ending days of 2015, Aamir Khan became the most controversial topic who has grabbed the attention of the people all across the world after making the statement on the issue of intolerance. He openly expressed his views on the AIB roast by saying, “Felt AIB roast was very violent and I didn’t like it.”

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