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Salman Khan’s Plea to Dismiss the 2012 Case

Salman Khan’s Plea to Dismiss the 2012 Case

It is reported that the Bombay high court has dismissed an application which has received by the veteran star Salman Khan. To resolve this case, Salman Khan has said that his singer friend Kamaal Khan was at that spot and he is the witness of the incident. Beside him, ‘sufficient evidence to render a just verdict’ was there at that moment.

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The chief justice A R Joshi has stated, “There is nothing to show that but for the substantial evidence of Kamaal Khan, no decision can be taken in the appeal. If there is no dire need for the examination of Kamaal Khan and if the material available can be analyzed in itself, then in the considered view of this court recourse to Section 391 is not the ultimate requirement.”

The evidences like Kamaal Khan can be acceptable under the section of the Criminal Procedure Code of 391 and the court will summon the hearings ‘if it thinks additional evidence to be necessary’.

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan superstar who has been sustained for five years in jail, was seeking under the shelter of his UK based friend for his illegal prosecutions. Khan’s lawyer Amit Desai has submitted his request to the supreme court but still the court has not issued any date for the summons.

“Why the prosecution had not examined this witness in the trial court?... Kamaal Khan is the best eyewitness available to the prosecution as he was present in Salman's car on September 28, 2002, when it rammed into a shop in Bandra killing one person and injuring four others,” the lawyer Desai has argued.

The justice has said that he will continuously hear the summons and appeals that are submitted by Salman Khan from Tuesday.

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