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Does Shah Rukh Khan Make an Apology on the National Television?

Does Shah Rukh Khan Make an Apology on the National Television?

With the statement of intolerance, Shah Rukh Khan has found himself among the storm of controversies. After making this statement, he has caught by many annoyed people who later called him with different names on the social sites.

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Rumor has it that the King of Bollywood apologized on the National Television channel ABP just a few days before the releasing of his film, Dilwale. Whereas giving an interview on the show Press Conference, Shah Rukh Khan said, “Could you ask me that question more specifically, because now days I have decided to be more specific in what I say and what I am asked, give me the exact context for your question and then I will answer.”

When he was asked about the issue of intolerance in India in a different way, SRK replied, “I don't think there is any tolerance or intolerance. The question that I was asked because of which I faced a lot of criticism was, 'What do you think you need to tell the future generation?' According to me to be modernized and to have a modern India, my thoughts to the youth would be, not making any differentiation in terms of region, religion, caste, colour, creed, sex and gender would be great. But I did not mean that I feel this happens in our country as of now. I am straight forward in what I am saying, I am pretty scared by what I just faced, so I will say that everything is very good in India, God Bless our country, long live us, long live Indians. There is no problem and I have never faced any intolerance, except for when I am smoking in front of people, and that tends to rub others the wrong way. But even then they are tolerant, I accept that I am doing something wrong there and still people tolerate it.”

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Does Shah Rukh Khan Make an Apology on the National Television?

SRK further talked on this issue and stated, “In whatever I've done, and whatever I've said, I have never said anything like this. And I would like to appeal to the people to please do not believe those few individuals that are saying that since my film is releasing, I am here talking about this. In fact, I am here and saying this because it is the truth. I think we are on the cusp of modernization and are in the best of place a country can be. We will, we can and we should be a superpower. But small little issues I think for younger generations, not the generation that exists... I am not saying that right now we are intolerant, I am not saying that there is a problem. I am very happy, I am highly patriotic, and a true nationalist and I am really sorry if someone felt offended or hurt. And once more I am not saying this so that people go and watch my film, they can still go or not go, it is their choice, and I will not be affected by it, just stay happy. But nowhere have I said anything that is wrong, and having said that, the fact that every time I speak things are misunderstood, this is the last place and best place to say that after this please keep question limited to my life and my films, do not ask me questions on important things like economic development, social issues, society, caste, creed or politics, I do not know anything. All I know is acting, apart from this I have nothing else to say.”

On the occasion of his own birthday, SRK made a statement about the issue of intolerance and stated, “There is extreme intolerance … there is growing intolerance in India. There was nothing worse than religious intolerance and that it would take India to the Dark Ages.”

Whereas the veteran star SRK is busy along with the whole leading cast of Dilwale in promoting his most anticipated movie, Dilwale which is going to be released on the very next day as on 18th December, 2015.

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